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Welcome to the Dark Blade Society!

We are a new Orien roleplaying guild, and hopefully one that will last longer than such guilds previously have on this server. As a medium-to-heavy roleplaying guild the focus is on the characters - who they are, what they do. Out of character, the Society is a guild for Orien players who want something more from their MMO experience. After all, this is still D&D, in a way. You don't have to be the best roleplayer in the world - you don't even have to have roleplayed before at all (though it will be considerably harder to be accepted as a member if that is so). I (Wildhair) personally have very little DDO roleplaying experience, though I have roleplayed in many other ways / places.

You don't have to have a large knowledge of Eberron lore, either, or an amazingly detailed character. Obviously, there are some basic requirements on both fronts, but the lore shall be linked to for those like me who have little-to-no experience with the setting. As for the characters... you should know some basics for them, including some general history, but don't worry about the detail! If everything goes according to plan, that will come, with time.

In-character and in-game, the Society is a secretive organization of the more unusual, eccentric types that inhabit Stormreach and environs. No one message is espoused, no stance, no politics. The Society is, at its most basic, a loose collection of those who are different and accepting of each other. Characters within the Society should have some quirk that sets them apart from the "normal person" in Stormreach. In other words, the common sell-swords and mercenaries, the ones who are only out for loot and glory.

Not that Blades can't have that. But a Dark Blade is one of those people that stands out, a little (or maybe blends in, a little too much). A Dark Blade might be but a wanderer, or an esoteric wizard, or a ranger who lives in the sewers... Essentially, the Society is a home for the loner and the lonely, the outsider and the fugitive.

Hopes for the Future

As I said, this guild is still shiny-new, with not a speck of tarnish on it. For now, as it stands, my hopes are but meager ones - to draw some interested members (and active, too!). You don't have to live on your computer - I don't. I have a life outside of DDO, and even actually use my internet connection for other things, as well! But once a week would be the barest-acceptable minimum.

Once there is a good base of people (which could be as small as three or four, depending on when we are all online), I hope to set up some kind of weekly group/guild moot, where we can just hang and chat and roleplay. And my Really Big dream is one that will likely take a while to get happening (a long while!): plot! Plottishness!

So again, Welcome to the Dark Blade Society. Look around, and if you like what you see, and think we'd make a good fit... well, I like people. ^_^


Site created, beginning work!

Wildhair, Mar 2, 10 4:59 PM.
Well, here it is. The site has been created. The guild must be formed, of course, but things won't really kick-off or open up until the basics of the site are finished...

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Wildhair, Mar 2, 10 3:27 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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